African Women Rising: Organising for Justice & Development Alternatives

In every corner of the continent the stories are similar – government-sanctioned, corporate-driven development agendas that prioritise profit and economic growth at the expense of people, communities, and the environment. As the global climate crisis deepens, African women who are feeling the effects in their daily lives are saying: NO MORE! Women are organising in often adverse and hostile contexts to defend their land, demand the right of consent, and denounce the failure of leaders. They’re also coming together to build local, economic alternatives like micro-renewable energy, and agroecology, and craft strategies and powerful narratives of collective resistance from the roots up.


Women leaders in Bomboré say NO to mining! World Order: WoMin at COP23

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Sowing seeds for a better tomorrow in Fuleni & Somkhele

Highlights January – July 2018


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Revolutionising the System: The Fight for Climate Justice

The call from women on the ground is to build a world where people will not need to live with “clouds of coal dust hanging over their heads.” This quarter’s newsletter speaks to how WoMin is working with communities and organisations at national, regional and international levels to create opportunities to build that world collectively, whether through energy assemblies in Uganda or joining in a thousand-strong march on the streets of Bonn….


Fighting for A Different World Order: WoMin at COP23

Identity, Land & Resistance: building living consent rights for African women

Highlights August – December 2017

Activist Story: The ‘Madness’ of Oil Extraction in Uganda

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